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Our Projects


Measuring the safety lessons kids learn at the Children’s Museum

A collaboration of Mercy Hospital and the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum produced an injury-prevention program called Safety Street, designed to teach pedestrian, bicycle, school bus and automobile safety to children. Injury-prevention practices were taught with two methods—in-class instruction and a hands-on, interactive strategy using an outdoor, ‘life-sized’ replica of a city neighborhood. Cornerstone’s research ‘tested’ first-graders four times over a period of several months in order to understand the relative contribution to children’s learning made by each teaching method as well as children’s retention of these safety practices over time. These data were used to improve the program by making informed changes to both classroom and outdoor components.

Comparing the impact of the National Aviary’s new exhibits with that of their old ones

The National Aviary In Pittsburgh underwent major changes by constructing new exhibits, altering existing ones and installing new informational signs. The Aviary curator and exhibit designers wanted tangible evidence that this extensive and costly renovation project had achieved their goals. So, Cornerstone designed a before- and after-installation comparison study to look at the ways visitors ‘use’ the Aviary—their behaviors/interactions with the exhibits—and their perceptions of their Aviary experience.