Cornerstone Evaluation Associates

Our Projects

Evaluators are research methodologists who work hand-in-hand with clients from a wide variety of disciplines in order to develop rigorous and systematic approaches for answering critical questions that clients have about their programs, services, curriculum/training materials or outreach efforts.

Cornerstone’s clients are typically involved in one of seven main areas including education, E/PO efforts, human services, medical education, museum research, professional development and training and web site research.

The questions our clients ask almost always fall into one of two distinct categories—there are queries about program ‘process’ and/or program ‘outcomes’…

Program process

Clients come to us with questions about how to improve their programs, services or efforts. They want to understand their strengths and weaknesses. They want to know how they can improve what they are doing—how to make their programs or services better. They want guidance in setting their goals and objectives and staying ‘on track’ in accomplishing them. They want to stay focused and do a good job and Cornerstone can assist with systematic, data-based feedback.

Program outcomes

Clients come to us with questions about the impact of their programs or services. They want to know if and how their programs or services have changed lives or inspired and encouraged individuals or groups. They want to show evidence—to their funders or their own clients—of how their programs have influenced participants. They want to document the progress that is made by their programs’ participants, be they children or adult learners. They want to know if their efforts are enhancing someone’s knowledge, skills or abilities. They want to know if their programs are changing attitudes, perceptions or viewpoints. They want to see evidence of their efforts and Cornerstone provides both quantitative and qualitative data to support the value of what they are doing.