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The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and the Hill House Association have asked Cornerstone to evaluate their new after-school program, Mission Discovery II, that expands upon an existing middle-school SMT (science, math and technology) program by integrating SMT with the arts and implementing it at all levels K through 12.

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Cornerstone has recently completed a report commissioned by North Hills Community Outreach that summarizes the findings of a community-wide survey of householders and business owners who were affected by the flooding of 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

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Cornerstone Evaluation Associates LLC specializes in program evaluation—a process of gathering and interpreting critical information and providing insightful recommendations for organizations to…

  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve existing programs
  • Demonstrate program outcomes
  • Inform public policy
  • Strengthen proposals
  • Ensure steady funding
  • Keep a competitive edge

Cornerstone’s evaluative research methods can be applied in a variety of areas including …

  • Education
  • Education and public outreach
  • Human services
  • Medical education
  • Museums
  • Professional development and training
  • Web sites